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Our Company

Lighthouse Properties is a proprietary hotel development and management subsidiary of Blue Beacon International, a family business founded in 1973 by Charlie Walker in Salina, Kansas. The company is committed to selectively developing and acquiring hotel properties positioned to be best in class within their respective markets and categories. The company is known for its deliberateness, patience, long-term vision and daily devotion to upholding the highest standards of integrity and character. Guiding Principles are a critical component of building a team capable of achieving both critical acclaim and financial performance.

Our History

Consultants paid to know told the former high school dropout he would never be successful running a hotel without hotel experience. “Just because you have the money doesn’t mean you know how to run a hotel successfully,” they said. “Running a chain of truck washes is not a very good resume for operating hotels.” So Charlie Walker did what serial entrepreneurs do and launched Lighthouse Properties in 1999 with the opening of Country Inn and Suites in Salina, Kansas. He proved the experts wrong. Read More »

Charlie Walker Enterprises. Walker’s entrepreneurial ambition and interests began with an idea to mount a mobile pressure wash system on a truck bed and provide washing services to businesses, truckers and trains, and a willingness to go anywhere there was the potential for a cleaning job. One thing led to another and another and another. Power Vacs, truck washes, real estate, ranching, car washes and convenience stores, hotels, zoo and a teen entertainment and educational center are all part of a modern-day Horatio Alger story. Read More »

Our Promise and Vision

Lighthouse will provide an enjoyable and memorable experience to each and every guest.

Lighthouse Properties will build and acquire properties that are uniquely positioned to stand the test of time; that can be owned for generations. Our distinctive buildings and settings will be influenced by local culture and leave a lasting impression on our guests and communities. Every aspect of our properties will be carefully designed to create an elegant and inviting ambiance. Our accommodations will be carefully prepared for guest arrival and will be impeccably clean, comfortable and maintained in like-new condition. We will present delicious food, expertly prepared and skillfully served. Our carefully selected staff will be trained, empowered and inspired to provide friendly, personalized service. We will anticipate our guests’ needs and seek out opportunities to serve and assist them. We will strive to know our guests by name and remember their special needs and personal preferences. We will make each and every visit an enjoyable and memorable experience.